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"A Vanguard"

--Lucinda Martinez (HBO/Time Warner)

"A consummate professional...an inspiration to young female directors and writers...an artist whose presence is felt far beyond the work she produces."

--Wynn Handman (Founder, American Place Theater)



Latinx, award-winning filmmaker, Elaine Del Valle first garnered critical acclaim with her autobiographical, Off Broadway, stageplay, Brownsville BredThe New York Times called it "From Girlhood Trials to Onstage Triumph”.

As a Director, Elaine’s films have garnered several awards on the festival circuit; including for Best Director, Best Performance, Best Original Score, VanGuard Award and Best Short Film.

In 2019 Miami New Times named her one of "5 Filmmakers to Watch”.

Elaine’s film Me 3.769 (a triggering coming-of-age short, which she wrote, directed and produced) premiered on HBO in August 2019.

Elaine was featured as an inspirational figure in Beating The Odds (a 2018 PBS documentary) alongside such luminaries as Michelle Obama.




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